Min Ulla Scarf: part 2



Well, after a month of knitting, I’m about half way done with the Min Ulla scarf. The colorwork takes forever- I usually like to memorize my charts too so this bothers me a little with all of the different patterns even though I like how they look. As frustrating as it can be, the scarf is turning out to be quite lovely in my opinion. I’m just trying to fight burnout as I have a lot of knitting left to do. We’ll see if I manage to finish it by Christmas…



  1. Claudia

    I fight the burnout by doing a different knitting or crochet project two days a week and not doing any type of project one day a week. (sometimes I can’t help it I still do the knitting, instead of resting!) It looks fabulous!

  2. greta

    The scarf is coming along great! I started doing the scheduling also – especially for projects that are either mind numbingly boring, or mind numbingly complex! For me it’s all about turning it into a reward – I get to knit that vs I have to knit that. You can *so* do this!

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