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FO: Min Ulla Scarf

After running out of yarn and ordering more, I finally finished the Min Ulla scarf on December 28th. This was such a fun pattern to knit- it took a long time but I never felt bored or tired of this project. The pattern is $6 on ravelry and it is worth every cent. There are tons of fair isle charts which I’m sure I’ll be able to incorporate into other projects down the line and the directions are succinct and well-written.
I loved working with this yarn as well. The darker color is Ella Rae classic heathers in Black-brown and the cream is Cascade 220. Both knit up really well and are pretty comparable (the Ella Rae wool is a bit cheaper). They’re also really soft after blocking.
Speaking of blocking, I had to use a ton of pins on this scarf. My tension wasn’t consistent so I had to block out the differences in width. Thankfully it worked really well and the scarf looks great now. It gave me a good excuse to try out the blocking boards I got for Christmas!

Overall, I loved this pattern and would definitely recommend it!


30 day sweater: the completed product

My sweater is finally done! I wove in the ends (there were a ton of them from all of the stripes) and blocked it over the weekend. The pattern ran a bit small so I made sure to increase the size during blocking. It worked better than I thought it would and it fits my friend Jason really well.
Overall, I really enjoyed this pattern. It knit up really fast and adding the stripes made it interesting enough to keep me from getting bored. I did make a modification to the raglan sleeve decreases. Instead of doing the cable decreases which I couldn’t figure out, I did a simple SSK/K2tog decrease which I think gave it a cleaner look and ended up working pretty well. After working this sweater in the round, I don’t want to go back to having to sew all of the pieces together. For my next sweater, I think I’ll try a top-down pattern instead so I can try it on as I go.
As for the yarn, I used Ella Rae Classic Heathers. Its a pure wool yarn that is pretty comparable to Cascade 220. Ella Rae is cheaper and, in my opinion, a bit softer too. The blue I used was a beautiful subtle heather that coordinated well with the off-white I used for the stripes. It was a bit splitty but I loved working with it,and I’ve already bought more for my next project.
This past month of knitting was challenging but I’m really proud of the fact that I completed the 30 day sweater challenge. It was difficult but also pretty fun. I hope they’ll have another one in the future!
I’ve already started my next project- more to come on that later!