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Sleeve #1 is done!

I’m done with a sleeve and the back of the sweater. On to the front!



Starting on the sleeve


Well, I’ve started on one of the sleeves for my sweater. The pattern is similar to the back panel but the shorter rows make it go faster (although it took me two hours to get this far). Unfortunately, I can’t find my row counters so I’m trying to increase every third row by memory. So far its ok but I’ve already had to pull out and redo a row or two. I’ll post an update when I get further- it’s finals week though so I’ll be studying and not posting (except during procrastination breaks where I knit and watch 30 Rock or Mad Men…)
Have a good weekend everyone!

Inishturk sweater


Hey all! I hope you had a good week! I just got back from spring break down in Key Largo with my boyfriend and his family so I’m all rested up- although I did pick up a cold and a sinus infection along the way.
All that traveling gave me a chance to get started on my sweater. As I said earlier, I decided to use the Lion Brand fisherman’s wool yarn since it was about 1/3 the price and I’ve spent a lot of money lately. I was surprised when I got the yarn home that the color that I bought is really close to the color of the Elsa wool hat I made.
The pattern is pretty complex so I was really slow at the start but now that I’ve figured it out, it’s moving along pretty quickly. I started with the front panel. It has 3 complex cable sections, 2 simple cables, and 4 braided cables like the hat. There’s also seed stitch on the sides with a knit stitch selvidge on both edges. The picture above was taken yesterday- I’ve gotten about another inch and a half done today.
In other news, after a few comments I’ve gotten on the blog, I decided to try my hand at some spinning. I bought a cheap drop spindle and some wool roving and I’ve been playing around with it. I’ll post more on that later