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30 day sweater: Done with the knitting!

I’m done with all of the knitting for my sweater! Now I just need to weave in all the ends and block it. With the stripes, there were a ton of yarn changes which means lots of loose ends so that could take a while. I’ll post a more detailed review of the pattern when I’m done blocking but I wanted to do a quick post now since I’m just so excited by how close I am to being done!



My first sweater is done!


After three months of knitting, my first ever sweater is done! It took me about a week to sew all the pieces together (the zipper itself took 2 hours…) but it looks great! And even more exciting is that it fits my boyfriend even though I didn’t know how to make a swatch when I started. Yay!
Here are a few more pictures of it:

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Meet Pasha the Penguin!

I’m done with the penguin!! He looks a little more puffin-like because of the fat beak but I think he looks pretty good for my first attempt at making a stuffed animal!
I filled him up with stuffing and sewed up the bottom. The stuffing shows through in a few places but overall, the stitches are close enough together.
Here he is!