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Knit a Neuron

For my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, I knit a neuron! The pattern is free here on ravelry and is pretty simple as long as you are comfortable picking up stitches. All in all, it took me two days. I should also note that the pattern calls for glow-in-the-dark yarn which I was very sad to see has been discontinued




Besides knitting, one of my favorite things is science. So it’s really exciting when the two get combined into Science Knits!. Apparently a lot of other people share these two passions- science knitting is so popular that Discovery Magazine even made a slideshow of some creative patterns (see it here). Here are a few of my favorites-
I’ve taken enough chemistry to see that chemists can be an odd lot (Which I think is great- it at least makes organic chemistry lecture at 9am more interesting). Here is a selection of chemistry themed patterns. First off, this section wouldn’t be complete without the blog Chemknits. My favorite chemistry knitting pattern is this caffeine molecule coffee cozy
Considering the fact that I pretty much live on coffee at this point, I think I’ll have to make this one. Equally wonderful is this tongue-in-cheek beer cozy which has the process of Ethanol metabolism diagramed on one side and the structure of ibuprofen on the other.

On a more tangible note, on Etsy you can download a pattern for an adorable frothing beaker or Erlenmeyer flask

I think biology is where science knitting really has its strong suit. Besides anatomically detailed to-scale Amigurumi animals and sea creatures, the science of biology and its assortment of molecules, chemicals, and techniques lends itself particularly well to interesting knitting patterns.
My personal favorite is this guide for knitting various microbe plushies. Aren’t they cute?

Then there’s the classic brain hat which I actually have the yarn for but haven’t gotten to yet due to the daunting amount of Icord knitting (and the fact that various other time-sensitive projects keep coming up)

I’ll leave you with the classic science knit pattern: the DNA scarf. This classic has been around for years and the cable pattern pops up on many other science knits. Here’s the original:

I could go on and on, but I should really stop procrastinating on my Organic Chemistry homework. What are your favorite science knitting patterns?

DNA scarf


Hey everyone! Sorry that its been so long since I posted! I had an exam last Friday and two more exams tomorrow so things have been a bit crazy and I haven’t had much time to knit. I just wanted to give you an update on what I’m working on. I started the DNA scarf pattern again- this time with Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes Sport Weight yarn in oyster heather. It’s holding the pattern much better. In the picture, it looks a little pink but its actually a nice neutral tan. I’ve never knit with a yarn that’s so thin so I’m surprised at how long it takes to make any progress. I’m on row 27 and the scarf is only about 3 inches long. Each DNA twist repeat is 40 rows. Needless to say, this is going to be a long project. A new thing that has saved me is the discovery of row counters! Since I keep having to stop in the middle of a repeat, this keeps me from making as many mistakes. Although, as you can probably see, I’ve still had a few rough spots. I just can’t bring myself to rip out so many rows so I’ll keep going and hope that nobody notices….
I promise I’ll post more in the future but for now, I’ve got to go study!