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Song of the Sea- At the Lake


The day after my MCAT, I drove the 9 hours from St. Louis to Minneapolis where my family lives. We then headed up to our cabin in northern MN. There isn’t anything that I need to accomplish this week so I started working on the Song of the Sea scarf using my Fyberspates rural charm yarn. It took me a few hours to wind the yarn into a ball since despite my best efforts, it ended up in a tangled mess (I don’t have a swift and ball winder although I want to get one after having to do it by hand). I then had to start over after several rows because my counting was off but after all of that, things have been going pretty smoothly!

I knit the large waves yesterday and now I’m on to the medium waves. It takes me awhile to knit each row since there are 256 stitches but the scarf is actually knitting up relatively quickly. It’s a really great pattern- easy enough to memorize but not so easy that it’s boring. It’s nice to have something to work on where I don’t have to be staring at the charts the entire time like I had to do for the octopus sweater. Overall, song of the sea is going well! I’ll post more pictures once it’s done!


It’s here! Fyberspates rural charm sock yarn


It’s finally here! My awesome skein of yarn for the Song of the Sea scarf was finally delivered today. It’s a beautiful sea foam green and so soft! I can’t wait to start using it! It’s a blend of 70% Blue Leicester, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere and the color is Pale Turquoise. There are a lot of subtle variations in the color which I think will knit up very nicely. Now I just need to wind it into a ball. Right now though, it’s going on my shelf- It’ll be my reward for finishing the MCAT this Saturday!


A break from the octopus

Ive really been struggling to get the second sleeve on the octopus sweater done. The fact that it’s finals time and I feel guilty for taking time away from studying to knit hasn’t helped so I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break from knitting the Embrace Octopus sweater and find some fun summer knits to make.
First in my queue is the Song of the Sea scarf. It’s a beautiful lace scarf and I think it’ll make a good first lace project for me.

20140430-133902.jpg I just bought a beautiful skein of yarn for it as a birthday present for myself (I turned 21 yesterday!)- Fyberspates Rural charm in pale turquoise. It’s 70% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere and I think it’s probably the most expensive single skein of yarn I’ve ever bought.

After Song of the Sea, I really want to knit something that I can wear this summer in St Louis when it’s going to be 100 degrees and humid. I found this really cool pattern on Ravelry- the #22 Lacy Tee from the spring/summer 2013 issue of Vogue Knitting.

20140430-134441.jpg I haven’t picked out yarn yet but I’m thinking of using something in linen or cotton since I’ve never knit with either of those fibers before. Do you guys have any suggestions?
I’m really excited for this summer. I was awarded a biomedical research fellowship so I’ll be working in a biology lab full time which will leave me lots of time on the evenings and weekends to catch up on my knitting. I can’t wait!

Inishturk sweater: another piece done

Well, vacation definitely has its benefits- I’m done with the front of my sweater! All I have to do now is knit up a sleeve and stitch it together. I’m really excited to be done, and I’ve already started researching yarn for my next sweater. Too bad it hasn’t started cooling off yet. I’m really ready for sweater weather!
Here it is:


Yarn storage


Well, after several days of moving, I’m finally in my new apartment! As you can see by the box in the corner, I’m not totally settled but I made sure to set up my yarn storage shelf! Right now the yarn is sorted (mostly) by weight with WIPs and spinning wool in the bins. Altogether, this gives me a nice little knitting nook to relax in after a long day of work and/or class.
I’ve seen a lot of blogs lately with yarn organization ideas and discussions- I know there’s a big debate over sorting by weight or color. Lion Brand’s facebook post of a storage system using peg board got me excited too.
So how do you organize your yarn? And where do you fall on the weight/color debate?



Field trip!


I finally made it to my first knitting store! I went to Knitorious in St Louis which is a few miles from my house to look for sock yarn. I have never seen so much yarn in my entire life. I definitely could spend an entire day looking at all of the different wools, hand painted yarns, and fancy knitting needles.

Fortunately for my bank account, my wonderful boyfriend was with me (I let him pick out yarn for a pair of socks) and he bribed me to leave after we found what we were looking for by offering to take me to Ted Drewes which has pretty much the best custard ever. All in all, it was a pretty successful afternoon!

The yarn my boyfriend picked out

The yarn for socks that I’m planning to give as a gift

The delicious bribe