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After the sweater, I needed a quick and fun project so I pulled out my Amigurumi knits book and knit a starfish!
I used a cheap acrylic yarn for the top half and some wool yarn that I spun (not very well…) myself for the bottom. It took me two days to finish and was pretty fun if maybe a bit repetitive. All in all, it was a nice break from having a big project to complete



Tiny hippos!


After such a long sweater project, I’ve decided to use up some of my old yarn scraps while I save up to buy yarn for the next sweater. And what better way to use up yarn than by knitting plushies!
My first project is this tiny hippo. The pattern is free on ravelry and goes pretty quickly. Here’s how far I got in one evening:

I just have to sew up his body and add some legs and eyes!