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FO: Afmaeli Sweater


After three and a half weeks (1 to 1.5 of which were spent waiting for my yarn to arrive from knit picks after I ran out), i finished the Afmaeli sweater! This was a really fun sweater- the beginning went quickly since it was just plain stockinette stitch and the end was really fun with all of the colorwork. It helped that I used bulky weight yarn so the sweater knit up ridiculously fast.
This was my first ever yoke sweater and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I like that I only had a few decrease rows and didn’t have to worry about doing decreases every row in one spot like in a raglan. I didn’t really swatch this sweater either since I wasn’t sure if I had enough yarn- I just did my measurements off of the first 6 inches or so that I knit and confirmed that I was at gauge. Thankfully the sweater fits my friend Neveda really well! The only problem is with the sleeves which I should have measured since she is kind of short and has shorter arms than I do. That’s not a usual measurement to make so it didn’t even cross my mind. The sleeves ended up a bit long as a result but they aren’t too bad.

I did have a lot of yarn problems with this sweater though. I didn’t order enough black or green yarn from knit picks when it was on sale and by the time i needed it, they were out of stock in the green. This is where I had to be a bit creative. I found a Donegal Tweed yarn at the local yarn store in a bright yellow color and added that in instead of the green. I actually think it turned out looking really nice! I ran out of black yarn too but thankfully they still had some skeins of it available online so I just had to order more. Unfortunately knit picks was super slow and it took them almost a week to actually ship the yarn so I was stuck waiting, unable to work on the sweater for a while.
Despite my problems running out of yarn, I really loved working with it. I used City Tweed from knit picks which is a blend of Merino wool, baby alpaca, and Donegal tweed. Its a beautiful shiny yarn and its so incredibly soft! I want to make a scarf out of it sometime just so I can have it up against my face- it feels amazing. The tweed looks great too in this sweater. I like how it helped tie the colors together. All in all I would definitely recommend this yarn. It’s amazing!
With the amazing yarn and beautiful colorwork, I had a hard time giving this sweater away. I might have to make another one for myself! For now though I have plenty of projects to work on and classes just started up so I have a lot less time to knit. I’m taking fewer classes this semester so hopefully I’ll be able to finish the octopus sweater in the next month or two!


Afmaeli Sweater Update

I love winter break. Three and a half weeks of doing nothing but sleeping, knitting, and watching Netflix is wonderful. That, combined with the fact that I’m using bulky yarn, means that I’m almost done with the Afmaeli sweater. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at this point since I ran out of black yarn and am waiting on my Knit Picks order to get here so I have more. I’ve had to be a bit creative with this sweater. I also ran out of green yarn and it’s out of stock online so I decided to incorporate some yellow Donegal Tweed (the same type of yarn but a different brand) into the design. For a last minute fix, I think it looks pretty good. I’ve definitely learned my lesson though- I’ll be buying extra yarn for all of my projects in the future!
In the mean time, I bought yarn and started swatching for my next project: the Embrace Octopus Sweater. I’m so excited for this project!! The link on ravelry can be found here. This is what it looks like:

Another one of my goals this year is to tackle some lace knitting. To start, I want to knit this beautiful scarf called Song of the Sea. You can find it here.:

As you can see, I’m planning to challenge myself and expand my knitting repertoire this year. I’m excited for what 2014 holds!

Afmaeli Sweater: part 1


After about a week full of knitting, I finished the main part of the body of the Afmaeli sweater! Next up are the sleeves. I can’t wait until I get to do the colorwork on the top. The body and soeeves involve a lot of stockinette stitch which gets old after a while.

Its been nice having so much time with nothing else to do but knit and watch Netflix. Classes don’t start up until January 13th so I still have plenty of time to work on this sweater. Im also planning to add a few more hats to my Etsy shop.

The next few days are going to be freezing here in Minnesota- the high temperatures are going to be below zero! My family is going up north to our cabin to celebrate New Years with my grandparents so Im planning to get lots of knitting time inside next to the fireplace where its cozy and warm.

Im also currently blocking the Min Ulla scarf so I’ll have a final post on that in the next week or so!
Happy knitting!

Afmaeli Sweater: the beginning

Well, I ran out of yarn for my Min Ulla scarf yesterday and I haven’t had the chance to make it to a yarn store yet so I started my next project: the Afmaeli Sweater. It’s a beautiful faire isle yoke sweater made with Aran weight yarn. I’m using the pattern that corresponds to the blue sweater in the picture below

The yarn I’m using is Knit Picks City Tweed Aran. It’s 55% Merino wool, 25% superfine alpaca, and 20% Donegal tweed. It’s a beautiful yarn that is incredibly soft. It’s wonderful to work with in my experience so far and I’ve had no problems with it being splitty like the yarn I’m using for the scarf.

This sweater is for my roommate who kindly offered to buy the yarn since she doesn’t like the feel of normal wool. We got it on sale during the Big Sale on Knit Picks! She picked out three colors: black and cream for the details on the yoke and an emerald green for the main body of the sweater.


The sweater is knit in the round bottom-up which is nice. I’ve been using circulars so much (the knit picks interchangeable circs are amazing by the way- the cables are nice and flexible).
Also, sorry if this reads a bit like an advertisement for Knit Picks. They don’t sponsor me or give me anything to say nice things- I just really like getting nice yarn for cheap!
I’m really excited to work on this sweater! I think it’s going to turn out really beautifully!