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Penguin update

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my penguin. He’s looking good! And this pattern is surprisingly easy! I had a few issues sewing the front and back together since that was pretty new to me but i think I pretty much figured it out.
The pattern, again, is from knitty.com. You can find the link in my previous post or by googling “pasha penguin knitting”
Here he is!


Happy knitting!

A quick note

A couple of things:

Don’t start a knitting project 30 minutes before you are planning to start getting ready to sleep. You will inevitably find yourself still awake 2 hours later.

Also, make sure you completely read through the pattern before you start. Otherwise you will do stupid things… I ended up ripping out the belly piece for the penguin as I was increasing every 2 stitches instead of only twice per row. Oh well

I’m going to sleep now. More knitting (while awake this time) tomorrow

Here’s how the penguin is looking so far: