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The Principles of Knitting- a beginning knitter’s review

I posted last week that I had gotten a couple of exciting new knitting books in the mail. Well, I’m finally getting around to reviewing them now. I thought I’d start off with The Principles of Kitting as it is probably one of the more well known knitting technique books.

I’ve heard this book described as “The PhD thesis of knitting” and I completely agree with that statement. This book probably has enough techniques to keep you busy most of the rest of your life. While it does get very technical at points (especially describing various stitches) it also has a great section for beginning knitters that gives a quick overview of basic knitting methods including the essentials like casting on, knit/purl, and casting off.
To keep this review from getting long and boring, I decided it might be better to make a pros/cons list: Continue reading