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A Very Knitting Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good holiday! I personally had a very knitting-filled Christmas. Besides spending a lot of time working on the Afmaeli sweater, most of the presents I received were knitting related. First off, my parents gave me the Knit Picks blocking boards and sock blockers so I won’t just have to pin things out on the carpet in the future.


I need to knit some socks now to try out the sock blockers! I also received this book:

It has tons of beautiful color pictures and the corresponding charts. I’m excited to try it out on a hat or another simple project.
Finally, “Santa” gave me a project bag to carry my current project around in. This will be so much better than the paper bags I’d been using until now.

All in all, I had a great Christmas and was blessed to spend the holiday with family. This winter break has been great so far- I’m slowly recovering from the semester and I’ve been getting lots of knitting done! I’ll post an update on the Afmaeli sweater in the next day or two. Happy knitting!


A Winter Moose Hat

Well, I decided that I needed a break from the scarf. As fun as it is, it still moves pretty slowly. During my break, I decided on a project that will knit up pretty fast: a hat! I chose to make this fun Moose Fair Isle hat since it’s getting pretty cold outside. Here’s how it will look when I’m finished:

As I’ve been knitting it, I’ve realized that it’s more intarsia than fair isle as the gaps between colors are huge and a bit unwieldy. There are a ton of long strings inside since I wanted to avoid weaving in ends as much as possible:

I’m almost done with the moose portions so it shouldn’t be a problem after the next few rows. I’m just a bit worried since it’ll probably be a Christmas gift for someone. Even with these issues, it’s still a pretty cute hat!