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Afmaeli Sweater: the beginning

Well, I ran out of yarn for my Min Ulla scarf yesterday and I haven’t had the chance to make it to a yarn store yet so I started my next project: the Afmaeli Sweater. It’s a beautiful faire isle yoke sweater made with Aran weight yarn. I’m using the pattern that corresponds to the blue sweater in the picture below

The yarn I’m using is Knit Picks City Tweed Aran. It’s 55% Merino wool, 25% superfine alpaca, and 20% Donegal tweed. It’s a beautiful yarn that is incredibly soft. It’s wonderful to work with in my experience so far and I’ve had no problems with it being splitty like the yarn I’m using for the scarf.

This sweater is for my roommate who kindly offered to buy the yarn since she doesn’t like the feel of normal wool. We got it on sale during the Big Sale on Knit Picks! She picked out three colors: black and cream for the details on the yoke and an emerald green for the main body of the sweater.


The sweater is knit in the round bottom-up which is nice. I’ve been using circulars so much (the knit picks interchangeable circs are amazing by the way- the cables are nice and flexible).
Also, sorry if this reads a bit like an advertisement for Knit Picks. They don’t sponsor me or give me anything to say nice things- I just really like getting nice yarn for cheap!
I’m really excited to work on this sweater! I think it’s going to turn out really beautifully!


FO: Moose hat

The moose hat is finished! I even made a Pom Pom for the top! It was a pretty fun and quick knit. I really enjoy knitting hats- they only take a few days and they make great gifts. Here’s how the moose hat turned out:


Min Ulla Scarf


We had our first snow yesterday which can only mean one thing: winter is coming! I’m so excited that we have such beautiful sweater weather now- I’m snuggled up in my Inishturk sweater as we speak. Along with the delicious food, cozy fires, and holidays spent with family comes the time to wear all of the wonderful woolen things you’ve knit throughout the year! My latest project falls into this category. I’m making a wool scarf. Its been ages since I’ve knit a scarf because I get bored of it pretty quickly with the endless repeated stitching patterns. This next scarf is something entirely different for me. Its my first big venture into Fair Isle knitting. I love the different design patterns- there’s never a dull moment.
Im using Ella Rae wool in a dark purply-brown color and Cascade 220 in cream. They are both really soft and knit up very well. I’m about one quarter of the way done with the scarf right now and I’m not even close to being bored! I’m definitely loving Fair Isle!


Mittens (or mitten I guess…)


Since I have a good amount of yarn spun up, I decided to try knitting with it- I used a bit of yarn left over from the beard hat for the pattern. The mitten is really nice and thick and they feel like they’ll be pretty warm.
The only problem is that the thickness of my yarn isn’t very consistent which made the mitten look a little sketchy (especially the thumb). Still, its good practice knitting in the round and doing a simple fair isle pattern. I’ve also learned to do knit one color in Continental style and the other in English style.
Anyways, the mittens aren’t pretty but they’ll be good for winter. Maybe they’ll look better after I block them?