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Adventures in continental style

So after my post yesterday and with the arrival of my new books, I decided to give continental style knitting a try. The Principles of Knitting was very helpful on this subject. It gives plenty of pictures as well as about 10 variations on both English and Continental styles. Since the penguin was done, I decided to give it a try on the second sleeve for the sweater I’m making.

Now, I am extremely right handed- my left hand is practically useless when it comes to anything other than typing or playing flute. I cast on and did the first two rows normally. Then I switched the yarn to my left hand. Oh dear. I moved at a snails pace. I couldn’t get the tensioning right (generally it was too loose) making it difficult to wrap the yarn around the needle for each stitch. To be fair, I probably picked a terrible stitch pattern to try this out- I started knitting the ribbing at the base of the sleeve. This meant that I was constantly switching between knit and purl stitches.

After wrestling with it for a while, I started to get the hang of it. I can definitely see how it could be faster and more efficient with practice… a lot of practice. This is how much knitting I s able to do in an hour:


Still, like I said, I’m starting to slowly figure it out. I would really like to try out some Fair Isle knitting so I plan to keep practicing so I can hold one yarn color in each hand. All in all, a good trick to add to my repertoire!


How do you knit?

In watching videos on Knittinghelp.com, I’ve realized that there are actually two styles of knitting: Continental and English. I learned to knit in the English style and I only recently learned about the other.
What method do you use? Do you use that method (like me) because that’s how you learned? Or do you choose your method for specific reasons?