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The Month of Hats

Hey everyone! Sorry for being absent from the blog for awhile. The summer was really busy since I was working full time, and once the semester started, things got even crazier. I confess that I haven’t even really been knitting lately. Before last week, I actually hadn’t worked on a project in over two months which is kind of sad to think about.
But now I’m back! And I actually finished a project! The impending holidays motivated me to get back to knitting things. And so, I have embarked on a month of hats! Hats are nice quick projects that make great gifts- perfect in other words for getting back into the swing of things while preparing for the holidays. They also make for great stash-busting projects which I desperately need right now (although I just bought a bunch of yarn to make this sweater…).
Anyways, I adapted this witch cat hat pattern for worsted weight yarn, of which I have plenty laying around. I actually cast on the same number of stitches using the same needle size called for in the pattern. This gave me nice tight stitches which will make the hat nice and cozy. The worsted weight yarn did take up more vertical room than the recommended gauge so I left out the cat face repeats on the crown. The friend I made this for loves cats, but the faces seemed like a bit of overkill. Here’s the finished product:

I know that I’m supposed to turn under the bottom rows, but I want to make sure that the hat is long enough for my friend before I do that. I’ll post a picture of her wearing it once I give it to her. The white and gold yarns are just leftover Lion Brand worsted weight yarn, while the red yarn is Knit Picks Reverie worsted- a super soft and fuzzy blend of 80% baby alpaca and 20% acrylic. I’ve already started a second hat for another gift. More blog posts on that to come…


Little Bird

After finishing the sweater, I’ve been working to finish up a few projects that I had started. One of these projects was this little blue bird. The pattern was free on the lion brand website. His beak is a little crooked but I think he turned out to be pretty cute!


Inishturk Sweater


After almost 6 months of knitting (with a few projects in between) I’ve finally finished the Inishturk Sweater! The cables turned out beautifully and while there are definitely some spots that I messed up on, I’m really proud of it. This is definitely the most difficult project I’ve ever done.

I still struggle with my finishing techniques so I’m going to focus on improving them on my next project. And I’ll actually knit a swatch this time… I’m lucky this sweater fits so well. I’m also hoping blocking will help keep the shoulders from being as poofy as they are here.

Overall, the pattern was well written with plenty of helpful diagrams. The finishing section could have been more detailed though. I ended up liking the yarn (Lion Brand Fishermans wool) more than I thought I would. I didn’t have any problems with splitting but there were a surprising number of knots in the skeins. So far the sweater’s still a bit scratchy- especially around my neck- but I’ve heard it softens up after a bit

I can’t wait until its cool enough outside to wear this sweater!



Inishturk Sweater: The Turtleneck


Well, I finished the second sleeve and I’m on to finishing up my sweater! Over the past couple days, I sewed the shoulder seams and knit up the turtleneck. The neck was 2×2 ribbing so I had to find a cast-off method that would help retain its elasticity. I settled on what my Principles of Knitting book calls a “Grafting cast-off”. The pictures and descriptors in the book were hard to follow since this is a fairly complicated method so I turned to youtube. I found this video which helped a lot although I still had to watch it ten times. I’m pleased with the result- this method is fairly elastic and it looks pretty clean (when done correctly- which I didn’t really do in the back…).
I’m so excited to be almost done! I just have to sew the sleeves and body and it’ll be finished!



Inishturk sweater: another piece done

Well, vacation definitely has its benefits- I’m done with the front of my sweater! All I have to do now is knit up a sleeve and stitch it together. I’m really excited to be done, and I’ve already started researching yarn for my next sweater. Too bad it hasn’t started cooling off yet. I’m really ready for sweater weather!
Here it is:


WIP: Inishturk Sweater


After working on it for a couple days during breaks from studying organic chemistry, I’m a little over 6 inches done with the front portion of my sweater. I pulled out all of the pieces today and I was kind of surprised at how far I am- never mind the fact that I bought the yarn for this sweater last Christmas… I’ve taken on a lot of projects in between knitting the pieces of the sweater so I don’t feel too bad that it’s taken me so long. I’m kind of a slow knitter anyways.
Well, here are the pictures of the back, front, and sleeve of the Inishturk sweater (pattern can be found on the Lion brand yarn website). I’m hoping to finish it before October- or at least before Thanksgiving…

The back of the sweater

A sleeve

My progress on the front