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Inishturk hat part 2


Sorry that its been so long since I posted anything. It’s now finally spring break so I’ll have a chance to update you guys on how things have been going.
I finished the inishturk hat late last week. It looks great! The pattern was fun and after blocking, the cables stand out really well. Although the pattern calls for a Pom Pom on top, I don’t know how to make one and I didn’t really think its needed

Although I absolutely love the Elsa Wool yarn, I decided that I can’t really justify paying that much right now when I still am relatively new at this- also, because I spent the same amount of money on tickets for a Muse concert (which was incredible by the way). Maybe after a few more big projects like this, I’ll feel a little more ready to spend more on the yarn for a sweater.

Until then, I bought the fisherman’s yarn that the pattern called for and I’ll be using that. Michael’s didn’t have grey so I bought the darker solid brown. I’ll probably start on it this afternoon



Inishturk Hat

After I posted yesterday about my new Elsa wool yarn, I couldn’t help but dive right into working with it. I rolled it into a nice ball and cast on for the hat that matches this sweater.
The pattern is actually really fun. It’s challenging but easy enough that I can memorize/intuit it without looking at the instructions. I especially like the braided cable. Here’s how far I’ve gotten:

As you can see, the yarn gives really nice stitch definition. I like the natural grey/brown color too. It’s really soft and super easy to work with. I’ll post a longer review of it later, but in short, I’m loving it so far!


Also, on a related note, I bought a set of interchangeable circular needles today. They were normally $70 at Michael’s but with my 50% off coupon, they were a really great deal. The nylon string/chord/whatever its called was a little stiff at first but after using it on the hat, its started to get easier to work with.

A solution to the dilemma

So I figured out a solution to my problem. I bought one skein of the Elsa Wool yarn so I can make a swatch and the hat that matches the sweater. This way, I can try out the yarn and make sure I like it before diving in and buying $100 worth. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!
Also, sorry I haven’t posted a scarf update yet. I’ll try to get around to it tonight.