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Projects Update

Hey everyone,

I just looked and I can’t believe my last post was in November! Things have been crazy with it being senior year and all.  I actually graduate in about a month! I’ll be starting a post-bac research position at the NIH on June 1st which I’m really excited about.  Beyond having the opportunity to do some awesome science, I’m excited to have real free time!! And that means more time for knitting!

Until then though, I’ve just been able to fit in a bit of knitting here and there.  I’ll use this post to fill you guys in on the projects I’ve completed since my last post.

First is the Nutkin beanie– a pattern from the knit picks website.  My younger brother is obsessed with squirrels so this seemed perfect for him.  To make things even better, I snagged some wonderful cashmere blend yarn from Knit Picks on sale!  This project took me about a year on and off since the yarn was really small making progress pretty slow, but I’m proud of the result:


Next up in my month of hats, was a secret snowflake gift for a new medic in the EMS organization that I volunteer for.  During his interviews, when asked what breed of dog best described him, he answered “A bulldog, because I’m short and stout.”  Needless to say, when I found this next pattern, I had to make it for him.  It was my first time holding three colors across a row which was pretty rough, but I survived and the finished product is pretty awesome if I do say so myself!


Finally, my boyfriend’s birthday was in mid-December and of course I had to knit him something.  First, I made a snowflake hat to help him get through the winter in DC where he’s working now.


I also made him this Guston Pullover sweater.  I used Knit Pick’s wool of the Andes tweed yarn which was much softer than I expected.  It was my first time making anything with button holes which was a challenge, but the finished result was so comfy that I almost couldn’t stand to give it away:


Well, I think that covers everything I’ve done since my last post.  More posts will come soon as I’m learning some double knitting and am planning to maybe even release my own charts/pattern pretty soon! Thanks for your patience with my lack of posting!  I’ll talk to you all soon!

Happy knitting,



It looks like a penguin!

So tonight I knit the wings for the penguin and sewed them onto his body with a whipstitch. I had to google “whipstitch” but I found out that its pretty much the easiest sewing stitch ever. Also, since I dont have any buttons, I embroidered on his eyes (that didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d liked but I think he’s still pretty cute.) All I have left is knitting his feet and filling him up with stuffing!


In other news, I’ve been playing around on Ravelry a bit. It’s so cool that I can keep an inventory of my yarns, needles, and patterns. Very useful! My username is econdiff if y’all would like to find me. I’ve uploaded the sweater and penguin patterns so you can find them there as well.

Happy Knitting!

Penguin update

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my penguin. He’s looking good! And this pattern is surprisingly easy! I had a few issues sewing the front and back together since that was pretty new to me but i think I pretty much figured it out.
The pattern, again, is from knitty.com. You can find the link in my previous post or by googling “pasha penguin knitting”
Here he is!


Happy knitting!