Mustard Stripe hat


Well, its finals time. With no class and tons of studying ahead of me, its difficult not to ignore school and spend all my time knitting and watching Netflix. Unfortunately, I really need to do well on all of my finals to get decent grades in my classes so not much knitting has been happening. I did knit another hat though! Its loosely based off of a couple generic hat patterns on ravelry but its mostly my own creation- I happened to have some bright mustard yarn and some of my own hand-spun cream yarn laying around so I decided to try to use them up. This is the result.

In other exciting news, I decided to set up an Etsy shop. Stocking it is going to be my project for winter break- I’m planning on knitting lots of fun hats for it. Check it out here. Right now the only item for sale is my mustard stripe hat which I tried to price comparably to other hand knit items on Etsy. Im not planning on being able to support myself off of selling hats but I thought it might be kind of an interesting next step for my knitting.
In other news, sadly, I lost my moose hat somewhere- probably the Target parking lot- so Im in the process of knitting myself another one. I ran out of yarn half-way through so I had to order more. Im hoping the dye lots aren’t too different; the whole thing has been a bit of a fiasco. Its definitely a great hat pattern though!


One comment

  1. greta

    The moose hat is missing!?!? oh no! Maybe it’s making it’s way up north to see other mooses? Love the etsy shop – this way you can knit whatever you want and if you don’t like the way it turns out, just sell it!

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