FO: Another Hat

I love knitting hats! They’re so addicting- they don’t take very long to knit and they are really practical for winter. I definitely like the instant gratification. It’s a good break from the Min Ulla scarf which I’m almost halfway done with. It’s beautiful but the colorwork takes forever and I’ve been having some difficulties keeping a consistent gauge.
Hats on the other hand only take a day or two to knit! There are so many fun patterns out there from simple ones like the one pictured here to incredibly intricate lace hats. I love adding my own touch to the simple ones with various colors or stitch patterns. I think everyone in my family is probably going to be getting a hat this year for Christmas…
The hat below was knit loosely off of the free Strib hat pattern on ravelry




    • Emily C

      Thanks! And hats are perfect for Christmas gifts- they just go so quickly. I’m pretty behind on my Min Ulla scarf though. The colorwork takes forever!

  1. greta

    I so agree! The mittens I did for my sister were a really long project – even if I don’t include the re-doing of the thumb, letting them sit in frustration, redoing the thumb again!

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