A new craft

well, I did it. I graduated from college and started my new job at the NIH. It’s nice having time in the evenings without having homework to do! During my move, I inherited a large box full of crewel embroidery yarn leftover from the shoe and fabric store that my grandpa used to own. With all of these supplies, I figured I’d try my hand at learning embroidery! 

my box of crewel wool

Before diving into my supplies, I decided to just purchase a kit at a needlepoint/yarn store in Virginia. The kit came with directions as well as all of the supplies I needed minus the hoop. At first I really struggled, but as I got into the swing of things, I started to really enjoy it!

Crewel embroidery is obviously pretty different from knitting, but both are relaxing and lead to an awesome finished product. One benefit of embroidery is that if I get bored of one color or stitch, I can switch to a different one for awhile. All in all, I think it’s definitely something I’d like to continue doing!


After blocking, this will become a pillow!



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