Well, Im not going to be making the neuron socks for now. I was having a hard time reading the chart and the yarn was too dark to really see the pattern so I figured I might as well rip it out and redo it with lighter yarn later. In the mean time, I’m trying to knit these diagonal lace socks- Ive never tried lace before and this looks like a pretty basic pattern. This is what they should eventually look like:

I’ve never done a toe-up pair of socks and Ive had trouble keeping it from gaping on the sides. I used a Turkish cast on. Do you guys have any suggestions for making the sock look a bit neater?
I’ll post pictures of my progress soon



  1. greta

    I love the toe up – especially if the pattern is interesting! It makes each part of the sock a fun thing to do, like 6 projects in 1. Anywho…I guessing you’re having problems with laddering? What I do it increase the tension 3-5 stitches before and 3-5 stitches after the needle change – just add another pinkie wrap or two to the ‘yarn feed’ hand and that will increase the tension. You’ll notice that after a row or so, the ladder will go away as the yarn equalizes out over the rows. Works for me – hope it works for you. And love the pattern!

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