Inishturk Sweater


After almost 6 months of knitting (with a few projects in between) I’ve finally finished the Inishturk Sweater! The cables turned out beautifully and while there are definitely some spots that I messed up on, I’m really proud of it. This is definitely the most difficult project I’ve ever done.

I still struggle with my finishing techniques so I’m going to focus on improving them on my next project. And I’ll actually knit a swatch this time… I’m lucky this sweater fits so well. I’m also hoping blocking will help keep the shoulders from being as poofy as they are here.

Overall, the pattern was well written with plenty of helpful diagrams. The finishing section could have been more detailed though. I ended up liking the yarn (Lion Brand Fishermans wool) more than I thought I would. I didn’t have any problems with splitting but there were a surprising number of knots in the skeins. So far the sweater’s still a bit scratchy- especially around my neck- but I’ve heard it softens up after a bit

I can’t wait until its cool enough outside to wear this sweater!





  1. Donna Arvidson

    The sweater is beautiful. Em, you did a great job. I really love the bluebird too. I think that is I can find the pattern I will try to make him. Love you. Grandma A

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