Inishturk Sweater: The Turtleneck


Well, I finished the second sleeve and I’m on to finishing up my sweater! Over the past couple days, I sewed the shoulder seams and knit up the turtleneck. The neck was 2×2 ribbing so I had to find a cast-off method that would help retain its elasticity. I settled on what my Principles of Knitting book calls a “Grafting cast-off”. The pictures and descriptors in the book were hard to follow since this is a fairly complicated method so I turned to youtube. I found this video which helped a lot although I still had to watch it ten times. I’m pleased with the result- this method is fairly elastic and it looks pretty clean (when done correctly- which I didn’t really do in the back…).
I’m so excited to be almost done! I just have to sew the sleeves and body and it’ll be finished!





  1. Brenda McAlister

    I have just finished this sweater too! Ok, just the pieces. I am new at knitting and had a hard time in the beginning because the pattern I used was written wonky. Any hoo, how did you sew the shoulder seams? I have done the YouTube thing and I can do a all knit side seam or a purl seam but when I try to combine them it is a mess!!!!!! Please help

    • Emily C

      It’s been a while since I made this sweater but since it was one of the first sweaters I made I’m pretty sure I just used a knit side seam for both of the sleeve seams. It’s not very sophisticated but it works. Sorry if that’s not much help, but that’s what I did and it turned out fine! 🙂

      • Brenda mcAlister

        I ended up using a whip stitch for the shoulders and sides. Thank you for the comment about the stretchy neck band! I didn’t know one existed. I am new at this, only completing one hat, one pair of long socks and now the sweater. The stretchy bind off would have been nice to know for the others as well.

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