What’s happening?

Lately when I knit the first row after casting on, I’ve been getting a long stretch of yarn in between my two needles. It gets progressively longer and longer as I knit more stitches. I have been pulling the stitch just tight enough so the cast on edge is even and the stitches are evenly spaced but aren’t tight on the needle. Do you know what is happening? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this? Here are a few pictures of what’s going on.

I get a big loop at the end of the row that I have to cut and re-tie.

Thanks for your help everyone!



  1. mizzymouse

    This might have to do with the cast on you’re using. A basic backwards loop cast on tends to do this A LOT. Other types of cast ons, particularly ones that create a knit-like row (the long tail cast on is my favorite, but the cable cast on is another option) prevent this, as the edge already has a partial row.

  2. Kialtho

    I tend to do cable cast on which doesn’t seem to produce the results you’ve got here, Long Tail cast on is also pretty good, and a bit neater than the cable cast on. That being said, it is a bit odd that you’re getting that length of yarn between the two needles. Good luck on future projects!

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