The airplane problem


So I’ve been working on the front panel of the inishturk sweater for the past week and a half and although its getting big, I decided to take it along on a trip to Savannah, GA with my boyfriend to visit his family. We flew in so as to avoid a 12 hour drive.
Everyone always complains about the size of airplane seats and I’ve always hated how my knees hit the seat in front of me since I’m so tall. Knitting on a plane brought up a whole new problem. Since my sweater is fairly wide, I’m using extra long needles. Unfortunately, they don’t fit in airplane seats! Thankfully I was sitting next to my boyfriend and we were on a baby plane (1 seat on left and 2 on right so no middle seats) so I only hit him with my knitting needles instead of some random stranger but it was still kind of annoying.
Have you guys had any problems knitting on airplanes? Or anytime during a commute?



  1. jhenrikso

    I only bring small projects with me as “transport project”, such as socks or this teddy bear I’m knitting at the moment. I’m surprised that you were allowed to bring your needles to the airplane at all. I’ve that the needles aren’t allowed because they can be used to hit (no, not stab but hit!) people. That hasn’t been a problem to you?

    • Emily C

      I’ve actually never had a problem bringing knitting needles on a plane. I checked the TSA website beforehand and it said they were fine. I’m also using wood needles though so maybe they don’t show up on their scanner/they don’t seem as dangerous? I have used metal needles in the past though and its still been ok.

  2. Christine

    Hi Emily,
    I like using circular needles — you won’t hit anyone with them! Also, as your knitting gets larger, the bulk of it can just sit in your lap, which lightens the load on the needles and gives your hands a break.

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