Yarn storage


Well, after several days of moving, I’m finally in my new apartment! As you can see by the box in the corner, I’m not totally settled but I made sure to set up my yarn storage shelf! Right now the yarn is sorted (mostly) by weight with WIPs and spinning wool in the bins. Altogether, this gives me a nice little knitting nook to relax in after a long day of work and/or class.
I’ve seen a lot of blogs lately with yarn organization ideas and discussions- I know there’s a big debate over sorting by weight or color. Lion Brand’s facebook post of a storage system using peg board got me excited too.
So how do you organize your yarn? And where do you fall on the weight/color debate?





  1. greta

    Congrats on the new place! That looks like a really comfortable work space. I don’t sort new fiber by weight or color. Everything is in it’s own project bag and all of the project bags are in a big bin. When I start a project (or 2 or 3!), the bags come out and are either with me in my travel/commuting bag or in a lovely little basket on a table (our pup loves to eat wool – I don’t understand it, but there you have it). The leftover yarn/fiber bits are sorted by fiber type and stored in big ziplocks in the bin. 1 bin, 1 basket. This system works well for me since I am a recovering stash-a-holic!

  2. scouseaspie

    Good to see you’ve got your priorities in order… A comfy place to craft and store yarn should deffo come before unpacking all the other boxes! Hope you have lots of luck and happiness in your new place 🙂

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