Field trip!


I finally made it to my first knitting store! I went to Knitorious in St Louis which is a few miles from my house to look for sock yarn. I have never seen so much yarn in my entire life. I definitely could spend an entire day looking at all of the different wools, hand painted yarns, and fancy knitting needles.

Fortunately for my bank account, my wonderful boyfriend was with me (I let him pick out yarn for a pair of socks) and he bribed me to leave after we found what we were looking for by offering to take me to Ted Drewes which has pretty much the best custard ever. All in all, it was a pretty successful afternoon!

The yarn my boyfriend picked out

The yarn for socks that I’m planning to give as a gift

The delicious bribe


One comment

  1. Mary

    I love Knitorious! I always have to refrain from buying all the yarn when I go there. Good luck on your projects!

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