Adventures in Spinning

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. I’ve pretty much only been working on the sweater and I still have 3 inches left before I do something new on the back so I haven’t had anything exciting to post about. However, since I needed a break from that, I decided to try my hand at spinning. I bought a top whorl drop spindle and 8oz of New Zealand sheep roving from The Joyful Sheep on etsy. After a few YouTube videos, I decided to go for it.

20130416-020530.jpg The Roving
Of course, when I first started, I had troubles keeping the yarn an even diameter but I’ve gotten quite a bit better at that now (I’ve spun about 6oz so far). I’ve mostly been doing single ply yarn since I tried to double ply and the yarn ended up super thick and took up a ton of wool.

20130416-020824.jpgYarn drying under tension
Like I said, I’ve spun, soaked, dried, and wound about 6oz so far- it’s nice because I can do other things at the same time which is harder with the complicated pattern for my sweater. My yarn isn’t the softest though and I think it’s a bit over twisted but practice makes perfect, right? I want to get some colored roving next to make things a little more interesting.

I’m using the yarn I’ve made in these fair isle mittens on the lionbrand website. I’m using up some dark blue wool ease thick and quick yarn that I have left over from the beard hat for the pattern.
Have you guys ever tried spinning? Do you have any hints that might help me out? Also, where do you buy your material for spinning- especially roving that’s been dyed/ do you dye your own?

Happy knitting!



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