Inishturk sweater


Hey all! I hope you had a good week! I just got back from spring break down in Key Largo with my boyfriend and his family so I’m all rested up- although I did pick up a cold and a sinus infection along the way.
All that traveling gave me a chance to get started on my sweater. As I said earlier, I decided to use the Lion Brand fisherman’s wool yarn since it was about 1/3 the price and I’ve spent a lot of money lately. I was surprised when I got the yarn home that the color that I bought is really close to the color of the Elsa wool hat I made.
The pattern is pretty complex so I was really slow at the start but now that I’ve figured it out, it’s moving along pretty quickly. I started with the front panel. It has 3 complex cable sections, 2 simple cables, and 4 braided cables like the hat. There’s also seed stitch on the sides with a knit stitch selvidge on both edges. The picture above was taken yesterday- I’ve gotten about another inch and a half done today.
In other news, after a few comments I’ve gotten on the blog, I decided to try my hand at some spinning. I bought a cheap drop spindle and some wool roving and I’ve been playing around with it. I’ll post more on that later


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