A solution to the dilemma

So I figured out a solution to my problem. I bought one skein of the Elsa Wool yarn so I can make a swatch and the hat that matches the sweater. This way, I can try out the yarn and make sure I like it before diving in and buying $100 worth. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!
Also, sorry I haven’t posted a scarf update yet. I’ll try to get around to it tonight.



  1. Valerie Finney

    few thoughts:
    1) Fisherman’s wool is scratchy until worn in- much like jeans. It will eventully breakdown to a comfort level.
    2) Some small specialty yarn shops will do trade in programs where you bring in your stash remnants and trade in for store credit. Since it seems you are new to the abyss that is knitting (I have an entire room full of fabric bins filled with yarn sorted by color and blend as my wife and I both avidly knit) you may not have anything to trade but you can possibly find “used” yarns for super cheap
    3) Craigslist can be your friend and so can yard sales
    4) Be wary of “little at a time” purchases- particularly with organic fibers as the dye lot may be different (made that error in the past)
    5) I know your studies will be prohibitive at this moment- but this summer you may want to look into learning how to spin your own yarn. Raw fleece is cheap and most spinners will teach you for around $20. It’s an envolved process but you can get a LOT of yarn from a small amount of wool.

    Happy Knitting.

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