I have a dilemma…

So, I really want to make this lovely Aran sweater for myself but it calls for the lion brand fisherman’s yarn. I made a scarf out if this and its almost too scratchy to wear around my neck.
Since I just finished reading A Knitter’s Guide to Yarn, I’ve really been wanting to try some undyed, lanolin filled, almost straight off the sheep yarn. I have my eye on Elsa Wool’s Woolen spun Cormo yarn in dark grey, but I’m a little hesitant since it costs $16 a skein and I’d need 6 skeins… I’m sure it would make an incredible sweater but as a poor college student, I don’t know if I can justify paying that much.
How about you guys? What is the most you’ve ever spent on yarn? Do you think it’s worth it to pay a premium price for great yarn?
Also, have any of you guys used Elsa wool before? It has great reviews on Ravelry, but again, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should go for it or use something else.



  1. andresue

    I have not used Elsa wool before, but I think your very smart to pick a softer yarn! My go-to yarns are usually from Knit Picks because they are generally soft, affordable and the skeins are usually free of knots and vegetable matter. However, they can pill and show wear over time. I do think that luxury yarns can be worth the money… and I justify their cost by thinking things like “The yarn for the sweater is $80 but it will take me 80 hours to knit so it’s only $1/hr for this hobby which isn’t too bad!” The most expensive yarn I’ve ever indulged in was a locally-sourced alpaca that was $60 for a 100-gram skein. It became a very pretty scarf that I treasure… but I don’t think I’ll spend that much on yarn in the future. 🙂 And, the sweater pattern you’ve selected is gorgeous!!

  2. Alicia

    I have not used Elsa either, but would never hesitate to switch yarns. I would hate to spend the time to knit something that I would not wear…that equates to wasted time and money to me (after the enjoyment of knitting is subtracted). I live by the adage: Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn. With that said, I also live on a very limited budget that cannot stretch to purchase luxury yarn at the rate I knit it up. So, I hit up local thrift stores (Goodwill, St. Vincent’s etc) and recycle yarn by dismantling sweaters. In this manner, I have been able to buy sweater quantities for $3 (cashmere, wool, silk blends etc.). It takes a bit of time to reclaim the yarn, but it is well worth it. As for how much I have spent on yarn…I think $30 for a 100g is the most I have paid. I bought 6 skeins and it was knitted into a scarf I wear every day during cold weather. It was chunky, buttery soft, to-die-for baby alpaca 🙂

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