Probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever knit

Actually, make that definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever knit. This is the first pattern I’ve made from the Amigurumi Knits book that I reviewed a few weeks ago. And here she is: the anglerfish!!!

Note– that weird blue growth thing with eyes is the parasitic male. Apparently, male anglerfish latch onto the female and stay there until their circulatory systems join. They can then just continuously fertilize the female’s eggs. Weird, I know.

The patterns are pretty detailed which is nice- I really learned a lot from this project. In amigurumi, you have to know how to use several kinds of increases, decreases, pick up stitches, and how to
sew things together, etc. Because the animals are so small, any mistake is a lot more obvious and needle control is very important. I struggled a decent amount with knitting the small pieces like the fins and the parasitic male as you pick up stitches from the body and directly knit them on. This makes everything really close together and sometimes the body of the fish just kept awkwardly getting in the way. Also, I should note that the pattern gives the option of using double pointed needles or circular needles. I couldn’t find the circular one in the correct size so I used double pointed which, in my opinion are a lot more awkward to begin will.

All in all, this was a pretty fun project! I’d definitely recommend the patterns in this book as they are quirky, fun, and teach you a lot about knitting on the way!




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