A quick knit


So the St. Louis weather this past week has been pretty ridiculous. It was 70 and thunder storming a few days ago, but now, it’s back to 20 degrees F with 30mph winds and snow. I bike to classes most mornings so on days like today, my ears feel like they’re going to freeze off of the side of my head. What solution did I find? Knit something of course!

I had about 1/4 of a skein of black yarn left over from knitting the beard for my boyfriend’s beard hat. It’s nice and thick and has subtle black sequins which is kind of fun. I found a free pattern on Ravelry (find it here) and knit this up in about an hour. It’s nice and easy since its all in garter stitch but there are some new techniques I learned as well.


First of all, this pattern requires using a provisional cast on which allows you to create an invisible seam with Kitchener stitch. Kitchener stitch is pretty easy so I might try to work it into some projects in the future. Knitty.com has a great tutorial here

All in all, this was a fun quick knit- I got to use up some leftover yarn and my ears will be much happier tomorrow morning.


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