Spotted on the St Louis Metro

Look what I saw while heading to work on the metro today! Props to any guy who is willing to knit in public. It looked like he had just started a project- I’ve brought stuff with me to work on before but once it gets big enough, its too much if a hassle. Do you guys bring your knitting with you?




  1. Alicia

    I bring my knitting with me everywhere ‘except’ work. I don’t have enough down time during the day to make it worthwhile. Everywhere else, you will see my needles clicking away 🙂

    • Emily C

      Yeah, I’ve thought about bringing it to class but it would definitely be too distracting haha. And I’ve knit on planes too- I was really afraid that they were going to confiscate my needles in security but thankfully I didn’t have any problems!

  2. andrewrau

    I haven’t taken my knitting out of the house yet, and I’m too busy at work, however, my employees do know that I knit. I actually made gifts for them Christmas 2011 (just a simple cup cozy).

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