Yarn bombing the bunny

I saw this today when I was walking around campus- someone yarn bombed the bunny!

Since I’m sure most of you aren’t familiar with Wash U, the bunny is a very strange looking statue on campus. I think its supposed to be like “the Thinker” but for some reason, its a demented looking rabbit instead… The artist who made it donated it to the school, and the legend is that after he died, Wash U tried to give it back to the artist’s wife but she refused to take it.
Lately, the bunny has periodically worn sweaters and things like leg warmers but this is the most elaborate. They even took the time to work in the name of the school (WU StL). Note that the sweater had to be sewn onto him since his arms and legs don’t leave any gaps to get through.
Note: I did not do this- but I had…
For a great site about yarn bombing, look here

Have you guys ever yarn bombed something?



  1. Carol

    just found your blog, from a post in knittyBlog! Can’t wait for the penguin photos! But I forwarded the WUbunny photo to several knitters.

    I didn’t know the post would send me to a blog of a knitter in St. Louis. Where I am. Small world huh?

    Have you been to Knitorius? Watson between Arsenal and Fyler on the south side of the street.

    • Emily C

      That’s cool that you’re in St Louis too! And thanks for checking out my blog! I actually finished the penguin this past week- the pictures are under the finished projects tag.
      I haven’t been to Knitorius yet although I’ve been meaning to go one of these weekends. I’ve never actually been to a specialty yarn and knitting store so I’m really excited!

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