Sweater update (Pt 2 in the continuing sweater saga)

Here’s a quick update on how my sweater is coming. I’ve finished the front, back, and a sleeve, and I’m working on the second sleeve now. Then its on to garment construction (which I’m slightly terrified about but we’ll see how it goes)

After many rows of stockinette stitch, I’ll get to do a bit more color work at the top.

The front has some colorwork too. Instead of a fancy pattern, this is a big block of color. The method is known as intarsia (look at all the cool words I’m learning). Here’s a look at the front:


And here’s the back:

You can see where the two colors are overlapped. This keeps the stitches connected- without it, you’d just have two separate panels that weren’t attached. It took me a while to figure this out when I did it since I didn’t know it was a special technique. But now, after flipping through The Principles of Knitting, I know better. And I know how to do it correctly so things like this don’t happen


Well, hopefully I’ll get the sleeve finished up in the next few days. I can’t believe how close I am to finishing an actual sweater! Hopefully my excitement will keep me from starting up all the fun projects I have in my queue but we’ll see.

And the sweater saga continues…



  1. reWOLLuzza

    Stay strong and don’t fall on the dark side of knitting! You*ll finish that sweater!
    (Me? Ah. no. Intarsia knitting drives me crazy. All those balls of yarn getting tangled…)

    • Emily C

      Thanks haha. I’ll do my best! And yeah, I did get a bit tangled up. This section wasn’t too bad, but I’d imagine that anything more complicated would be a bit of nightmare

  2. scouseaspie

    It’s looking good, keep it up! I just got to the sleeves on my sweater… I decided to cast them both on the one needle since I’m afraid I’ll complete one then find every available excuse not to start on the second!

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