The right yarn for the project

My next sweater intermediary project was going to be this DNA helix patterned scarf. The pattern calls for a sport weight yarn (~120 yds/50g) made of 25% baby alpaca, 25% merino, and 50% tencel. This original yarn, however, was discontinued a while ago.
At Michaels, it was almost impossible to find any sport weight yarn which has a 2 in the little skein symbol on the label. There were lots of 1s, 3s, and 4s but basically no 2s. I did find a skein that had a similar yd/g ratio called Bernat softee baby which is 100% acrylic. It only came in pastels except for a nice grey marled color. I bought two skeins, tired of digging through shelves that didn’t really seem to be organized in any particular way.


I started knitting a swatch tonight and I don’t like this yarn at all. It feels really soft but the individual strands unravel very easily when I try to use it. The pattern uses size 2 and 4 needles so this is pretty annoying. The color is also way too busy for the pattern. The stitches are relatively intricate, but it all gets lost in the ridiculous speckles. I got about 1.5″ through my swatch and decided it wasn’t worth taking the time to finish it. This is what it looks like:


I’ll have to go search for a different yarn before I can do this pattern. Sport yarns seem to be relatively rare though so I might have to venture to my Local Yarn Shop for the first time (well, kind of local. Its about 10 miles away) which I wanted to do anyway.
For now, I guess I’ll just have to work on the sweater for a bit. Endless stockinette stitch just kind of gets old…
Or I suppose I could actually get some reading done for my classes…. We’ll see


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