Penguin feet!

Well, classes have started up and I have a lot of reading to do. I decided to take Microbiology, Greek Mythology, and Great Philosophers which are all very reading intensive (I’ll have 150-300 pages to read every week). I’m really excited for these classes but I have to get used to the reading since I’m finally not taking all intro classes. Because of this, I probably won’t be posting every day, but I’ll do my best to get at least 2-3 posts out a week.

Anyways, back to knitting ( this is a knitting blog after all). Today I finished up the penguin’s feet! First I knit 4 triangles and then sewed two together for each foot.


Then, using a blanket stitch, I made toes! The pattern called for a blanket stitch but I think a normal whipstitch would be easier.


Finally, I whipstitched the feet to the bottom of the penguin. One is a little closer to the center than I intended but it works.


I’m done with all of the knitting! All I have to do is fill him up with stuffing. I’m planning a Michaels run this weekend to get some.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this pattern. It’s pretty quick and not too difficult if you can do basic increases and decreases (knit2tog and ssk). Even if you aren’t too confident on these techniques, google is a great place to learn. is a pretty good resource (I think they actually have an iPhone app) as is youtube.

Happy Knitting!


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