How do you knit?

In watching videos on, I’ve realized that there are actually two styles of knitting: Continental and English. I learned to knit in the English style and I only recently learned about the other.
What method do you use? Do you use that method (like me) because that’s how you learned? Or do you choose your method for specific reasons?



  1. andresue

    Great topic!

    My grandma taught me to crochet when I was little and hold the yarn in my left hand… so that’s how I hold my yarn for knitting. But, I learned how to hold the yarn in my right hand last year so I could use both hands for Fair Isle knitting. They are both fun but I think that Continental style knitting is a wee bit faster… so I stick with that one.

    • Emily C

      That’s exactly the problem I have! I’m either pulling the yarn too tight or I can’t keep it on my index finger to wrap it around the needle. I don’t really do anything special to tension the yarn during English, but I guess I’m just used to working that way now.

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